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Arab boy
View of Ávila
Pocket watches
Portrait of lady
Ohne Titel
Still life con glasses
Still life with marble eggs
Still life with marble eggs
Bird on a branch
Cat with carnation
Gentleman with wrapped background and landscape
Black interior
Still life with eggs
Portrait of a woman and butterfly
My cat (Mr. McKassa)
Proyecto de "Isabel I y los comerciantes"
Portrait of George Kramer
Young Monk (Carlos Berges)
Cock and flowers
Mannequin Infanta with flowers
Cat with flowers
Still life with flowers
Portrait of Isabel, Cristina and Maria Moreno Salamanca
Ladies and pierrot
Portrait of Francine Maek
The Four Seasons
Study for portrait of Héctor and model
Still life with dog
Still life
Woman with landscape
Still life
Portrait of María Luisa Velasco
Portrait of lady
Homage to Canaletto
Still life with wrapped paper
Green package
Two sisters
Head of man
Still life with packages, Homage to Sánchez Cotán
Mystic package
Flying blue
White package
Portrait of Imelda Cojuangco
White package
Portrait of a boy
Ivory package
Portrait of a lady
Still life con stones
Philippine boy
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow convertible
Leland and Raza Rosemberg
Blue and beige package
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Standard Saloon
I love You Sepia
Seated man
Portrait of Mrs. Tilda Benjumea
Paper bag
Still life
Phantoms of the supermarket
White package
Bolsas de papel
Homage to St. Theresa